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Can you self-manage your rental property without a real estate agent?
Self-management of investment properties is all fun and games…until it goes wrong. Before you decide if self-managing your investment property is the right decision consider the following 6 reasons why having an agency manage your valued asset can save you heartache and money. With today’s fast paced lifestyle it feels like we are expected to […]
6 tips for a stress free tenancy
6 Tips for Stress Free Rentals
I am lucky enough to be able to honestly say that I love what I do and enjoy the challenges that being a property manager and investor bring, but not everyone feels the same way. I know that a lot of people feel that either managing their rental property or owning real estate is nothing […]
Where Will You Shelter in a Cyclone?
​Where Will You Shelter in a Cyclone? Here are the list of emergency shelters in Darwin and surrounds:
It is important to know and have planned in advance where you are going to be sheltering in the event that a tropical cyclone arrives and to ensure that you heed public warnings. A good survival plan for a tropical cyclone includes have a plan on where you and your family – inducing your pets […]
Energy Saving Tips Image
10 Energy Saving Tips for Darwin Residents
It’s that time of year here in Darwin, the buildup is here which means that humidity and heat are cranked through the roof leaving us all dreading the inevitable electricity bill. We understand everyone is feeling the pinch and the need to stretch every dollar that bit further. So we have put together 10 simple […]
Property Managers to the Rescue!
Property Managers to the Rescue!
I love a good horror story, there is nothing like feeling the rush of adrenaline pumping through your veins and the cold sensation of pure fear creeping up your spine – but this is where I like the excitement to end – in fiction, not real life. Whilst I am not talking about killer Tenants […]
What can my property manager do for me?
It is important to know exactly what services your property manager is responsible for providing you and what services are considered “extras”. Each agency may have a slightly different definition of what ͚standard͛ services and ͚extra͛ services are so it is really important that you educate yourself before committing to having the agency manage your […]
Sharing the love - Pet friendly
Sharing the Love – 7 Reasons to Make your Investment Pet Friendly!
Pets! They make a house a home and a family complete. But more and more Landlords are declining to accept pets in their investment properties which is shame as with the decline of available rental homes allowing pets, tenants must give up their pets leading to overcrowding in our shelters. I don’t know about most […]
Hidden Agency Cost Image
Hidden Real Estate Agency Costs
Do you really know what your real estate agent is charging you? We are all guilty of it, seeing the monthly statement come in and either skimming over it (or in my case) not even opening it? The old adage of ‘no news is good news’ really hits home for a lot of us investors […]
Are You Cyclone Ready?
Are You Cyclone Ready?
It is that time of the year again, the wet kicks in, mango madness is in full force and wait for it….Cyclone Season arrives. The Northern Territory is naturally prone to experience between 2-3 cyclones tropical cyclone events affecting the area between 1 November and 30 April each year. Using the following make sure your […]