Property Managers to the Rescue!

Property Managers to the Rescue!

I love a good horror story, there is nothing like feeling the rush of adrenaline pumping through your veins and the cold sensation of pure fear creeping up your spine – but this is where I like the excitement to end – in fiction, not real life.

Whilst I am not talking about killer Tenants coming back from the grave zombie style, I do want to share a real life investment horror story that ended in success for our Landlord all thanks to the hard work of our dedicated property managers.

As a landlord there is no feeling worse than finding out that your hard earned investment property has been neglected by your tenant or worse trashed so bad that your property could star in Freddy Kruger:: Nightmare in Palmerston but this is exactly what happened to Justin S, he tells the story of his experience and how Abode Property Management stepped in to help rescue the day.

“My experience with letting my property in Darwin did not commence well. Prior to starting with Abode Property Management my tenant was “challenging”. She had left holes in the walls, unpaid bills and rubbish strewn across the property. When I approached Lee-Anne, I feared that she would see the huge task ahead and pass. Instead, her bundles of enthusiasm painted a picture of repairmen bustling over the house, gardeners tidying up the yard and photographers flattering my modest abode.
It is one thing to sell a customer a rosey picture, it is another thing entirely to deliver on it.
Abode Property Management – and in particular Lee-Ann – delivered on her promise in a timely and cost effective manner. It is without any hesitation, that I warmly recommend this very professional group of property managers. Easily the best that I have come across.
I have a new tenant who has lived in Darwin the majority of her life….. and my first rent payment is about to be deposited after months of anguish. I have peace of mind that my investment is being excellently looked after.”

(Owner residing in Perth, WA)

We were thrilled to have helped Justin, so if you are finding yourself in a situation where you need expert help, give our talented property management professionals a ring on 89327777 today.

Director Abode Property Mangement