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You are unique and we want to celebrate that uniqueness! Let our team design a property management package that suits your specific needs.

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Your investment is our priority and in today’s busy, fast paced lifestyle, we understand the value of convenience and can provide this without sacrificing the security of your valued asset. We believe that ͚bricks and mortar͛ property investment can represent a risk adverse means to providing your financial freedom – but only if it is managed correctly. Surround yourself with the right people, think big and then let us do the hard work for you.

You'll love our fee structure

Our fee structure is simple - one a set fee! We don't hide anything like others do. NO lease, reletting, inspection and any other fee they can think of to charge just one fee deducted from rent received.


Management Fees

Advertising Fees

Re-letting Fees

Letting Fees

Administration Fees

Annual Report Fees

Inspection Fees

NB: if you're trying to compare us to other agents please ensure they have disclosed all fees to you and not just their % our experience has shown that we are exceptional value for the services we provide all inclusive!

Letting your property can be as simple as 1, 2, 3!

Our tried and tested property management process means landlords enjoy a unique level of service that’s efficient, cost effective, and is designed to protect and maximise your return on your investment property.


Property letting and marketing

Getting the most from your investment property is about minimising vacancy periods and finding great tenants. Our team know how to market your property effectively and efficiently to attract the right tenants in the shortest time possible.

Setting the right rent

Setting the right rent for the market is key to finding the right tenant. Our property managers know the Darwin property market and will advise you on the correct rental rate for your property.

Targeted marketing packages

We know how to get your property in front of the right audience of potential tenants.

  • 30 day property feature on realestate.com.au
  • Listing your property on our website
  • Strategically marketing your property on Facebook
  • Placing an eye catching core flute sign at your property

Professional Photography

Our property photographers know how to capture the essence and character of Territory properties and show them in their best light for digital and print marketing.

Tenancy Applications

All tenancy applicants go through our screening process and only the most suitable are put forward for your consideration.

How we screen applicants

We know how to get your property in front of the right audience of potential tenants.

  • Residential history check
  • Employment verification
  • Check of the National Defaulting Tenancy Database
  • Reference checks to confirm if an applicant will maintain your property

Securing the new tenancy

Once you’ve approved a tenant, it’s time to close the deal.

How we get it done

We know how to get your property in front of the right audience of potential tenants.

  • We require the approved applicant to sign the lease agreement and pay all due monies into our trust account within 24 hours
  • We notify you that the new tenancy has been secured

The first 6 week inspection of your newly leased property is scheduled

Why we’re the best property managers in Darwin

Owner payments

Cash is king! We understand that cash flow is important, our Landlords have the option to have their rental payment made to them fortnightly or monthly. Statements are sent monthly and are in an easy to read and understand format.

Rental arrears

At Abode Property Management we have a zero-tolerance policy for rental arrears. Our property managers are trained to manage rentals arrears and have the systems in place to back them up, ensuring that we minimise incidence of arrears.

Property inspections

All properties are inspected six weeks following a new tenancy, following that every 13 weeks. After every visit, we will send you a detailed inspection report including photos of your property. The report will identify any maintenance issues or areas we feel you should be aware of.

Landlord’s portal

Get immediate and convenient access to key information for your tenancy. The online Landlord’s portal gives you unlimited 24×7 access to your property statements, invoices, property inspection reports, marketing information and photos.

Exclusive information

Be ahead of the curve and gain a greater understanding of a range of property management and investment topics by subscribing to our blog or attending a free seminar. Current Landlords are notified of upcoming events and seminars being held and have access to a range of comprehensive information materials such as our Owners Handbook.


Our staff have long-standing working relationships with our contractors, and all contractors are fully vetted to make sure they have a good work history and are appropriately licensed and insured. Our landlords have exclusive access to our property maintenance programs, which are undertaken by reputable local contractors. Designed to reduce unexpected equipment failures and maintain legislative requirements for smoke detectors, blinds and safety switches etc.

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