Sharing the Love – 7 Reasons to Make your Investment Pet Friendly!

Sharing the love - Pet friendly

Pets! They make a house a home and a family complete. But more and more Landlords are declining to accept pets in their investment properties which is shame as with the decline of available rental homes allowing pets, tenants must give up their pets leading to overcrowding in our shelters.

I don’t know about most of you but the thought of not having my two ‘fur babies’ allowed to live in my home with me brings me to tears – because without them my house would not be a home and I’ll bet I’m not the only one who feels this way.

Sharing the love with your tenant’s pets and opening your investment property to them can be easy and beneficial for all landlords.

  1. You are opening your home to families, who statistically will treat your property like their own
  2. Your tenancy terms will be longer, as your tenant once settled will prefer to stay in your home
  3. Reductions in property vacancies and decreased wear and tear on your investment
  4. You open your investment property to access a larger group of potential renters with statistically over 37% of Australians owning pets
  5. Pet owners are generally reliable and respectable tenants, keeping your investment in a higher standard
  6. With the increase in demand for properties that allow pets, there can be potential for higher rent negotiations.
  7. A pet agreement is always agreed upon, with any damages the animal undertakes to be repaired by the tenant.

Australia is a country of pet lovers and the decision to make your investment pet friendly will open you a greater pool of potential renters and with the guidance and overseeing of a great agent your investment will always be looked after.