10 Energy Saving Tips for Darwin Residents

Energy Saving Tips Image

It’s that time of year here in Darwin, the buildup is here which means that humidity and heat are cranked through the roof leaving us all dreading the inevitable electricity bill.

We understand everyone is feeling the pinch and the need to stretch every dollar that bit further. So we have put together 10 simple energy saving tips to help you get more control through your electricity and power habits.

  1. Fridge Seals – your fridge runs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, make sure that that the seals are in good working order to prevent cold air escaping.
  2. Switch to ‘off-peak’ times to run appliances such as pool pumps, dishwashers & washing machines.
  3. Energy efficient appliances – choose appliances with a high energy star rating as they use less energy and can save you money.
  4. Cooling – this is a huge one especially here in the Territory during the buildup but did you know that up to 40% of energy consumption is used through cooling! Throw off the doona, sleep with only a sheet and the fan, set your air conditioner for between 24-27 degrees and use ceiling fans this will distribute humidity and cool the room faster
  5. Get rid of that old 2nd Fridge – that old beer fridge can cost you up to $200 per year just for sitting doing nothing!
  6. Smart Hot Water Use – set your hot water system thermostat between 60-65 degrees to optimal energy efficiency (most new homes already have this)
  7. Install a low flow 3 star shower head – reduce your showing time and save up to half your hot water usage in the process!
  8. Washing Machine – when replacing look for newer models with a 6 star model over a 1 star model and you could save over $200 per year, also reduce the number of cycles (times you run the machine) which will reduce energy and water costs and to maximise efficiency wash clothes on a cold economic cycle.
  9. Dryers – rated as one of the worst energy efficient appliances by Jacana Energy, it is recommended that you air dry clothes or if you need to use a dryer that you not overload them when used and keep all lint and filters clean to maximise efficiency.
  10. Switch off appliances when not used at the wall socket

Another great tip can be found in the newer model homes called an ‘eco’ switch usually located at the front and/or back of the home that when de-activate all fans and lights to the home – a quick and easy way to ensure that nothing has been left on!

For more great information or to discuss your energy usage please contact www.jacanaenergy.com.au.

If you have any additional power saving tips we would love to hear from you!